These are the city stops defined in 'Trip USA 1998':

Monday, September 14th till saturday, September 19th
Location: San Francisco, CA

Our actual location is somewhat secret, as in, not really San Francisco :) But we arrive here and we depart from here too... We will be staying at Vickies place: well know people will know her address :) Renting a car at Alamo on September 18th, dropping the car off in Las Vegas on October 1st or 2nd. Oh yoy! I (Yaron) get to drive a kewl american car.... Rene still hasn't got his drivers license (yet). Maybe after this trip he will finally manage to pass the hard Dutch driving tests.

Saturday, September 19th and sunday September, 20th
Location: Somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA

While cruising along the coast we will find some cute little motel/hotel and spend the night (with local girls???) and move on on sunday to LA.

Sunday, September 20th till saturday, September 26th
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The city of angels.... It says it all: the beach, money, movies and girls. All in large quanTITies. We will stay in a nice hotel (so they told us) called (no advertisement intended!) 'Holliday Inn Brentwood, Bel Air'...

Saturday, September 26th till tuesday, September 29th
Location: Phoenix, AZ

A spot somewhere in the desert in Arizona... it seems some soon to be 20 year old girl lives here and badly wants us to drive several hours through the blazing sun, testing our durability, just so she can meet some android nick-named guy and a software bug... And guess what? September 28th is her bday, what a bday present this must be...

Tuesday, September 29th till thursday, October 1st
Location: Las Vegas, NV

The city where the lights never go out, everyone gets quickly married and some people really get lucky... We booked ourselfs a room at the 'Las Vegas Hilton' thinking that when spedning big money, it will come back in even larger amounts :) Rumours go that this girl from Phoenix wants to see this place too, but how to deal with this additional travelling partner is still unclear. What, however, is clear, is that the car we did rent in San Fran has to be returned before October 2nd :(

Thursday, October 1st till monday, October 5th
Location: Cheshire, CT and New York, NY

From Las Vegas, we will fly to Hartford, CT, where this kewl dude is gonna pick us up from the airport with his OWN car... Whooooo yeah! We will go inline skating with him, teach him how to 'ass grind' etc. and he will learn us how to make moves on club girls... Isn't that a great deal we made? We will also be visiting New York for one or two days, all stuff loosely planned. On October 5th we will experiance the saddest day of the entire journey: the trip back home from JFK airport to Amsterdam. All good things have to end... This one has to end too. But we won't be too sad for long as we return to the best country on this globe: The Netherlands, home of 'Datas Lab' and 'BrintaBBS'!

Tuesday, October 6th till <undefined>
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We will arrive in the morning (around a quarter to 10am) at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam. Come to think of it... Did we arrange for someone to pick us up? I think not... This will be arranged by SMS and/or Email I think :) We are home!!!!

© 1998 Yaron Bandell & Rene Roest