Pictures, sorted day by day:

San Francisco, Rio Linda and Sacremento

Day 01: September 14th
Day 02: September 15th
Day 03: September 16th
Day 04: September 17th
Day 05: September 18th

Highway 1 and Monterey

Day 07: September 20th

Los Angeles

Day 08: September 21st
Day 09: September 22nd
Day 12: September 25th

Phoenix and Mesa (Arizona)

Day 13: September 26th
Day 14: September 27th
Day 15: September 28th

Las Vegas

Day 16: September 29th
Day 17: September 30th
Day 18: October 1st
Day 19: October 2nd

Hartford and Cheshire, CT and New York, NY

Day 20: October 3rd
Day 21: October 4th

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