Lots of batches of our wedding pictures

Big news: we scanned just 800 pictures we got from our professional photographers. A whooping 399 colored ones and 401 black and whites. Now comes the tideous task of putting the right film roll numbers and picture number on each photo so we can ease the process of receiving orders from you guys on getting duplicates made. That does not have to hold you back though from mailing us your photo order through weddingphotos@datas-lab.nl. Just specify the photo, the size, the amount and we'll have them made for you as soon as possible.

To top the news off even more: all pictures made with the camera's we deployed on the tables are developed and scanned as well. Check out how your pictures came out :)

We've created for each camera page a thumbnail page so it's easier to find the pictures you are interested in viewing.

The following camera's are uploaded so far:

Oh yeah, layout of these pages suck for now, but it will be worked on (eventually) :)

-Yaron and Stacey.

Pages last updated: July 13th, 2003